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Ecology of the Alto Tajo Forests: a long term study

Since 2002, we are carrying out long term research on the Ecology, demography, physiology and reproductive biology of dominant tree species of the Alto Tajo Natural Park (Gudalajara, Spain). Special efforts are devoted to the follow up of the physiology of continental Holm oak (Quercus ilex subsp. ballota), from which long term data on flowers and acorn production are recorded within a network with standard protocols in many sites within the Iberian Peninsula (see activities in We are also carrying out research on bear berry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi), juniper (Juniperus thurifera) and Austrian pine (Pinus nigra).

By the end of 2006, we have installed three meteorological stations (one at each of the three transects that we are studying). These stations can be checked via internet and we have allowed everybody to have access to the data. You only have to click on the links below and will be able to see graphs and to download all recorded data to date in a text file:

Data from lower transect station (Transecto de Abajo 840 m)
Main objective
The general aim of the research of Fernando Valladares has been to study the response of terrestrial ecosystems to changing environmental conditions. The underlying intention has been to contribute to the general issue of global change from the more specific aspects of plant ecology and evolution involved in his daily research. Among the studies addressed during the last twenty years of uninterrupted research, FV has also tried to identify general principles that can be applied to the restoration of degraded ecosystems, and that can be used as a basis for environmental policies primarily dealing with dry, Mediterranean-type ecosystems.
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