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Ecology and Global Change

"The members of our Research team change frequently. We are lucky with the one month to more than a year visits of scientists and students from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Holland or Australia, which adds to the dynamism and makes it even harder to establish the current composition of the group. We are on average about twenty. We have collected the face images and the names of everyone who joined the group between 2000 and 2012."

Grupo Ecologia 2000-2012
Scientists, students and collaborators of the ecology and global change group during the 2000-2012 period

Main members
  Maria Almagro: [email protected]
  Raquel Benavides: [email protected]
  Ines Carrascón: [email protected]
  Cristina Crespo: [email protected]
  Jorge Curiel: [email protected]
  Mario Díaz: [email protected]
  Dulce Flores: [email protected]
  Alicia Forner: [email protected]
  Teresa Gimeno: [email protected]
  Oscar Godoy: [email protected]
  Elena Granda : [email protected]
  Ana Lázaro: [email protected]
  David López: [email protected]
  David Montero: [email protected]
  Lars Markesteijn: [email protected]
  Silvia Matesanz: [email protected]
  Teresa Morán: [email protected]
  Sonia Rabasa: [email protected]
  Ana Rey: [email protected]
  Alberto Teixido: [email protected]
  Fernando Valladares: [email protected]

Short stays and previous members
  Jeronimo B. Barreto
  Elena Beamonte
  Elena Concepcion-Cuevas
  Luciana Couso
  Alice G. Godoy
  Silvia Mardegan
  Jesus Martinez
  Alberto Muñoz
  Enrique Palma
  Beatriz Pias
  Beatriz Salgado
  Patricio Valenzuela

Photo of the team in summer 2007 near the students residence of CSIC, from right to left Mario Diaz, Silvia Matesanz, Teresa Gimeno, Oscar Godoy, Beatriz Pias, Elena Belmonte and Fernando Valladares

July 2003, stairs of CCMA-CSIC. (up, from left to right) Samuel Pineau, Silvia Matesanz, Daniela Brites, David Sanchez, David Tena and Angelika Portsmuth; (below, from left to right) Christophe Beaujouan and Fernando Valladares
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