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Basis for a Spanish network of long term ecological research sites
The geographic position of the Iberian Peninsula, at the crossing of contrasting biogeographic regions and climates, is ideal for the study of climate change effects on natural ecosystems. Climate change and other interrelated aspects such as land use change, pollution and biotic exchanges require the join action of a varied number of scientists.
Map of the field sites of the scientist involved in GLOBIMED. Efforts are in progress to coordinate the activities carried out at each site, and to arrange for collaborative research at each site with other groups.
To understand the effects of global change on our ecosystems and to have some potential for predictions, monitoring and research must be carried out with a long-term perspective, to solve seasonal and annual fluctuations, and with a network structure, to solve for local effects. Fernando Valladares is currently working for a better coordination of the Spanish research in global change by:

1. Strengthening the cooperation among scientists. Continuation of networks and organization of meetings and workshops are the main ingredients for this task.

2. Setting the stage for a Spanish network of long-term ecological research. Preparation of a data base of meta-data on the initiatives and activities of monitoring and research with a long-term perspective, and facilitation of agreements between funding agencies for supporting these activities are the first items on this agenda.

3. Strengthening international relationships and experience exchange with groups from other countries, particularly within the EU. The main point for this goal is the participation in the network of Excellence ALTER-net.

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